In his 1983 book called Frames of Mind, Howard Gardner of Harvard University identified seven intelligences we all possess. Because our understanding of the brain and human behavior is constantly changing, the number of intelligences identified continues to expand. Teaching in ways that allows people to learn in the ways that are best for them is difficult in an educational setting and even more difficult when applied to a non-academic discipline such as sports.

Sports instruction to-date has badly missed the boat, leaving young athletes lacking in the fundamental skills necessary for getting the maximum benefits – physical and emotional – from sport. Today’s videos, DVDs, books and video downloads do nothing to help young people learn the skills to improve in a sport. As long as sports skills learning is costs money and remains the next-worse thing to homework, the majority of young people will never get the exposure to a sport’s skills they need to truly enjoy participating.

Sports LearningEdge LLC addresses this huge void in two ways: Free On-demand Sports Learning in multiple languages and Parent Coach e-Learning courses.

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