On-demand Sports Learning™

SLE’S founders identified a huge gap between traditional sports instruction and the learning needs of today's youth. By combining what young people do like…be online, consume digital content, social with like minded kids, and engage in ”EA Sports-like” video game interactivity, as they get the information they want when they want it…SLE has created the new and powerful On-demand Sports Learning! This Patent Pending learning system provides immediate access to the desired information in several ways – reading it, seeing it, hearing it, and interacting with it, allowing users to get the information they need in the language and learning style that best suits them.

To create the highest quality sports instruction available, SLE’s team for each given sport aggregates best-of-breed sports instructional videos, DVDs, books, articles, and web sites and converts them into rich learning modules called Quads™. Tips, techniques, tactics and secrets from experts and well known athletes are added to the core Quads to enhance the learning experience even further.

With On-demand Sports Learning, the power of the Internet and e-Learning has finally been brought to sports; helping young people around the world learn the basic skills in a way they will both understand and enjoy.

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